Yamaha YTR-800G trumpet customized by KGUmusic

The Yamaha YTR-800G is a professional-level trumpet, exemplifying the high Japanese quality and approach to the production of musical instruments.

This instrument has been given a new look through customization by KGUmusic while retaining all the sound qualities Yamaha originally intended.

Customizations include the KGUmusic Heavy trim kit and the installation of new, heavier rings. The trumpet has been finished with a patina, applied satin, and then covered with a matte lacquer, creating a design that merges modern and vintage styles in brass wind instruments. It features a slightly darker sound than the standard model but remains exceptionally easy to play across various styles of music, whether it be classical music, jazz, or even commercial music.

This trumpet is ideal for a wide range of musical performances and comes with a hard case for protection.
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