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We weren’t expecting this. Thank you!

Hi there!

Recently we asked our followers to participate in the poll. We’d like to thank you for being so active. Honestly, we didn’t expect such a heartwarming response from you!

You sent us loads of questions.

Here are some of them:

  • How do your accessories influence the sound of the musical instrument?
  • Could you already tell us which accessories will be offered at a special price?
  • How can I get a discount?

We’re happy to answer:

  1. First of all, the accessories from KGUBrass change the sound of your instrument and your feeling. They provide you with:
  • more comfortable playing;
  • a larger volume of tones;
  • a darker and well-balanced sound;
  • a greater flexibility and more stability;
  • an improved slotting

What’s more, it’s a perfect way to upgrade the design of your musical instrument and make it look unique.

  1. On Halloween we are preparing special prices for the following goods, according to your votes:
  • Trim kits;
  • Boosters;
  • Trumpet finger buttons;
  • Leather accessories
  1. You can buy these goods at a special price at our official website.

Please notice, currently, you can buy trumpet finger buttons without stones.

The Halloween sale starts 11. 30. 2020

We all are looking forward to this moment!

(On the pic)
Keith Fiala
Mike Kuznetsov (owner of KGUBrass)
Arturo Sandoval
Max Gopanchuk (owner of KGUBrass)