KGUBrass Optimizer

Get rid of the habit of applying too much pressure on the lips during playing in the higher register. Improve your playing and make it more comfortable.

Essential accessory for brass players, trumpeters

Innovative constructions with magnets

Easy installation and wide range of activation rate

Order now and improve your convenience during playing

* This accessory is intended only for using at classes and during a certain time ‒ 30 minutes per day are quite enough. The device also changes the musical tuning of the instrument, so you need to push the slide in when using it.

Every brass player knows this feeling…

You start playing with ease, but the higher the notes, the more pressure is applied on the lips

You tried so hard to get rid of this habit but all that was for nothing. You do it again and again, unintentionally and you can’t control it

You are tired of permanent scars, calluses and irritation on the lips, but you can’t quit playing music because of that.

If you don’t get rid of this habit, it would lead to the partial necrosis of the lip muscles. Are you ready to put your health and your career at that kind of risk?

How does KGUBrass Optimizer work?

Easy and functional

KGU Brass Optimizer is a small-sized device, which is placed between the tube and the mouthpiece. Please note, it’s intended ONLY for practicing and classes.
No extra efforts or additional tools needed for installation. The accessory is easy to place and remove.

The device responses to the power of pressing

Its functioning is based on an easy principle:
When you apply an excessive pressure on the lips, the device redirects the air stream and doesn’t let it go through the trumpet, interrupting its sound.
Thus you can’t continue playing. Little by little, the device breaks the habit of applying too much mouthpiece pressure, so the problem goes away.

Unique construction

You might have heard of the similar devices. Maybe you’ve even tried some of them.
The important point is that the construction of most of them is based on using the springs. Compared to them, KGUBrass Optimizer functioning is based on magnets.

What are the benefits of the magnets, compared to springs?

The device serves longer

You are not annoyed with the cracking sound during the playing

The magnets provide you with a wider range of activation rate

By turning the device clockwise or counterclockwise you can set up the power of pressing according to your personal needs

Technical specifications of the KGUBrass Optimizer


3.27 inches. Due to the very compact dimensions, you can carry it in your pocket or your bag.


1.1 inches. . The device perfectly fits the design of the instrument and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable during playing.


KGU Brass Optimizer is made of and complemented with magnets. The device doesn’t require any additional setup and is intended to serve long.

* Note that the device changes the length of the leadpipe, so the musical tuning also changes. Use it ONLY for practicing and classes.

How the device looks original size and being placed on the instrument

on the instrument

original size

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Make your practice more efficient. Enhance your sound and comfort during playing. Take the high notes effortlessly, without excessive pressure and effects on health.