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Article: Allen Vizzutti: Brief Biography, Career and His Role in Jazz

Allen Vizzutti: Brief Biography, Career and His Role in Jazz

Allen Vizzutti: Brief Biography, Career and His Role in Jazz

An American jazz trumpeter and composer, Allen Vizzutti has a great legacy so far, including a wide range of creative works, such as trumpet pieces, jazz compositions, arrangements for ensembles and orchestras. The musician has played in more than 60 countries sharing the stage with renowned artists of various genres.  In this article, we’re exploring his biography, legacy and the role in music.

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Allen Vizzutti: How it all Started

Born in Montana in 1952 into a musical family, Allen Vizzutti grew up surrounded by the music from the early age. His father not only owned a music store but also played the trumpet. It was he who sparked the interest for this instrument in little Allen, who took the trumpet at the age of seven. His father game him regular lessons and helped improve techniques, which became Allen’s lifelong habits. Together they played duets and had much fun.

Allen studied at Eastman School of Music, where he drew inspiration and knowledge from experienced musicians, who played a significant role in his future success. During that time, he was a member of a famous Eastman Brass Quintet. There he also met his future wife.

Allen Vizzutti with his wife

Allen’s career rapidly developed in the 80s after he had moved to Los Angeles. He started playing as a session musician. At that time, he performed the soundtracks for Hollywood movies, including well-known "Back to the Future," "Rocky II," and "Star Trek," as well as for TV shows, and commercials. He backed Chick Corea and played with renowned Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand, the Prince.

Allen Vizzutti as a Musician and Composer

Allen’s music is multifaceted and unique, where classic meets jazz, featuring breathtaking trumpet pieces and orchestral arrangements. Allen was never afraid of destroying the boundaries in terms of playing the instrument. Because of this music versatility, many people were so impressed with it that they could hardly characterize it. 

Vizzutti is known for his ability to play classical and jazz pieces in the same evening. He performed at stages of world-famous Newport Jazz festival and Montreux Jazz festival. As a composer, he wrote music for ensembles working in classic and jazz genre, as well as for orchestras and chamber groups.

Allen Vizzutti with orchestra

Allen is the Grammy winner for Best Big Band Recording. The famous Tonight Show Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Phoenix Symphony, Greater Bridgeport Symphony Orchestra and others, performed his music.

Allen Vizzutti as a Teacher

Allen is not only a skillful musician and a talented composer, but also a great teacher, ready to share his knowledge with the younger generation. He wrote several pedagogical works, devoted to the trumpet "The Allen Vizzutti Trumpet Method” and “New Concepts for Trumpet”, as well as many other method books about jazz and classical music.

Allen Vizzutti as a teacher

Vizzutti shared his insights with students from musical institutions of Canada, Germany, and the United States. His educational role and efforts were highly appreciated and recognized with Yamaha Legacy in Education award. Apart from writing method books, he also conducts workshops around the world to help trumpeters from various countries become better performers.

As a teacher, Allen recommends students to pay attention to different genres of music and seek themselves in them. He believes that by not limiting themselves to favorite genres, musicians become more sophisticated.

Allen Vizzutti’s Legacy

Vizzutti appeared in many TV programs. He has played his concerts on the world-renowned venues, such as Sydney Opera House, Royal Albert Hall, and Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. His famous albums include: “Rainbow”, “Skyrocket”, “A Trumpeter's Dream”(featuring his wife Laura Vizzutti), “Olympic Jazz Series”, “The Versatility Of Allen Vizzutti”.


Vizzutti believes that music is the language that goes beyond age and the powerful tool, affecting emotions. He admits that both young and old musicians have the ability of awakening good feeling in listeners by playing something beautiful.

These days, Allen lives in Seattle together with his wife, Laura, who is a professional pianist and an active Allen’s collaborator.


Allen Vizzutti is a true maestro who continues to delight the world with his music, as well as encourage the younger generation to seek themselves in a variety of genres.

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