Yamaha YTR-8310Z trumpet "Bobby Shew" customized by KGUmusic

Key: B♭ (B flat)
Bell Material: One piece, yellow brass
Bell Diameter: 127mm (5 inches)
Bore Size: Step bore M 11.3mm (0.445 inches)
Weight: Light
Finish Options: Black ceramics lacquer

The Yamaha YTR-8310Z trumpet, already renowned for its versatility and exceptional performance in jazz settings, has undergone a remarkable transformation by KGUmusic. This fully refurbished instrument now features a Medium Trim Kit with Blue Tiger's Eye stones, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and playability. Additionally, the trumpet is equipped with KGUmusic's heavy rings, further customizing its design and improving its weight distribution for a more balanced feel. The most striking change, however, is its unique black ceramic lacquer finish, modern look . This customization has transformed the Yamaha YTR-8310Z into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, combining Yamaha's trusted quality with KGUmusic's innovative enhancements to create an instrument that stands out both visually and sonically.
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