Yamaha Custom YTR-905 Bb L trumpet customized by KGUmusic

Yamaha Custom YTR-905 Bb L trumpet, serial number 00072, made in Japan:

The Yamaha Custom YTR-905 Bb L trumpet, with its serial number 00072, represents a fine example of Japanese craftsmanship. This trumpet was in nearly original condition prior to customization, requiring no repairs. However, a decision was made to transform its design into something truly unique. Given its serial number, this instrument is one of the first in its series, being the 72nd trumpet produced.

This trumpet has been coated with a dark chocolate patina, followed by a matte lacquer to fix and protect the finish and color. Custom parts from KGUmusic, including heavy rings, a Saturn water key, and a medium Trim Kit, have been added, enhancing both its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

This opportunity to own a unique trumpet with a distinct design and superb sound quality is exceptional. With its blend of fine craftsmanship and artistic customization, this Yamaha trumpet stands as one of the best horns available in our store today, offered at a compelling price. It's a standout piece for any musician seeking a blend of exceptional quality and distinctive style.
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