The Bach Stradivarius 180-37 LR 25 Trumpet, serial number 466207, is a refined Horn by KGUmusic, enhancing the famous Stradivarius sound.

This trumpet was originally crafted by the Bach company.
Easy playability while preserving the legendary Stradivarius sound the best description for this model.

During the customization of this instrument, KGUmusic retained the vision of the Bach company while adding their own unique accents to the trumpet, making its design outstanding. This approach aligns with one of our company's core principles.

What has been improved?

1. Lightweight rings were installed instead of the original hooks;
2. Light Trim kit with lacquered bronze patina featuring golden accents finish;
3. Saturn water key;
4.The trumpet is coated with a unique bronze patina featuring golden accents, giving it a distinctive vintage appearance. After the patina coating, the horn is sealed with lacquer using modern technology.

We gave this Trumpet the signature KGUmusic look and kept the original idea of the BACH company.
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