Trumpet Yamaha YTR-632 M, Bb, Vintage 1970's, KGUBrass customized

$1,099.00 $1,300.00

Introducing professional vintage Yamaha, made in Japan and supervised by master Schilke. The instrument has the similar construction to the B5 model.

Upgraded and restyled by KGUBrass workshop

Trumpet: Yamaha YTR-632, M, Bb

Year of manufacture: 1970 - 1977

Year of customization: 2019

Serial #: 013384

Bore: .445 M

Bell: 127mm (5'')

Weight: MEDIUM (1000g)

Finish: KGUBrass Antique Waxing

Valves: Excellent condition

Trim kit: KGUBrass MEDIUM Antique Bronze Lacquer (Old) (with light top caps)

Finger rings: Custom KGUBrass

Mouthpiece: Included with KGUBrass CONE Mouthpiece booster Antique Bronze

Accessories:  KGUBrass Leather Valve Guard.


Ships in original used Yamaha trumpet case.



All international / import taxes paid by buyer

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