Trumpet SPECIAL Trim kits. KGUBrass (coming soon)


KGUBrass SPECIAL Heavy Trumpet equipment designed to improve instrument's sound, playing characteristics and emphasize individual style of musicians. 

♦ NET Weight - 250 grams / 0,55 lb
 GROSS Weight with box - 380 grams / 0,83 lb

 ♦ Height:
 - of Top Cap - 14 mm / 0.55 in
 - of Bottom Cap - 18.5 mm / 0.71 in
 - of Button - 7.5 mm / 0.28 in

 ♦ Outer diameter:
 - of Top Cap - 23 mm / 9.05 in
 - of Bottom Cap - 23 mm / 9.05 in
 - of Button - 17 mm / 6.69 in

• Racing heart spirit in V6 Heavy trim kit. Inspired by sport cars engine, V6 caps designed as pistons for fast and confident trumpet's notes burning.

GRID Heavy trim kit complements the trumpet with the magnetic exterior look. Just like  threads of our decisions and choices are woven into a net of experience that reflects us now, Grid parts are reflecting your current vision of the sound and the music in your instrument.

• Industrialized hexahedron style of EDGE Heavy parts add mix of straight lines with roundness which can be visually associated with shapes of trumpet sound, in some moments it is smooth and gentle and in other it is sharp and edgy.

• If you are looking for Heavy kit that will visually emphasize trumpet's exterior - CONE Heavy kit is outstanding choice. Reverse designed tapers on the valves serves as laconic additions to finish of instrument's expanding silhouette lines..


♦ Stone Inlays

 Finger buttons can be additionally decorated with Natural Stone Inlays

  •  Nuummite
  •  Lapiz Lazuli
  •  Turquoise
  •  Charoite

(!) Please take to attention that inlays are made natural minerals and each set may have individual pattern that can be a little different from the ones you see on the picture.


Are you looking for the new effective accessory that can improve the flexibility, attacks and stability at each of dynamic level while playing a trumpet? We offer you the unique and well-made Custom Trumpet Trim Kit. It is a real must-have for everybody who want to take his sound up to the new level for a comparatively reasonable price. 

This Trumpet Trim Kit reduces the energy loss in the standing wave and due to that peculiarity several important features are instantly improved – response, dynamic, tone and endurance. This accessory is a real helper for everybody who wants to improve the efficiency of an instrument and make a tone a bit warmer at the same time. You can jump with octaves even better and, by the way, Trumpet Trim Kit looks very impressive due to the classic restrained design. Now you have a real chance to advance the way your horn used to sound by adding a perfect precision to the whole dynamic spectrums of your instrument.


*If you didn't find your trumpet in the list, please contact us for the custom order.

♦ The kit contains:

  • 3 Top Caps
  • 3 Bottom Caps
  • 3 Finger Buttons
  • 3 Rubber or Felt Pads
  1. Clean all valve threads thoroughly.
  2. Gently lubricate the thread. 
  3. Mount the cap accurately, do not apply extra effort. Sometimes the thread is tight so, proceed slowly.
  4. If the caps do not fit, contact us and indicate the make, model, and serial # of your instrument as well as the order number of the product manufactured for you. 
  5. In some rare cases it is necessary to ship your trumpet to our office for special fitting and installation of a particular part. This is especially true if your instrument was serviced and the stock configuration was modified.
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