Trumpet Radiator Mouthpiece Booster Antique Bronze Lacquer (T.E.T. GIFT)

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Product Description (Trumpet Radiator mouthpiece Booster)


Net Weight: 90 grams / 0.2 lbs

RADIATOR Trumpet mouthpiece booster is the golden mean in terms of weight, geometry, and design which allows gaining characteristics of MEGATON with a favorite standard mouthpiece. This booster meets the expectations both of skilled trumpet performers who would like to emphasize their individual style and players who only take the first steps in music Best-selling booster.

Compatible with the most popular standard mouthpiece models. (Bach, Yamaha, Schilke, Getzen, etc.)

Product Description (T.E.T)

Our training tool for lip buzzing expands your skills as a player and helps you to play correctly from the physical point of view. It’s a good way of working on the breath, as it builds up a balance between strength and agility. As the result, you are able to focus the response of the lips to airflow and get the endurance you need.

The tool for buzzing is very practical and easy to use, as the trumpet and the mouthpiece stay in a natural position during the performance. During the trumpet practice with the mouthpiece, you can also work on the playing techniques using the finger buttons. You can leave this embouchure trainer on the mouthpiece shank during playing and it won’t bring any inconvenience. It also allows you to quickly switch between playing and lip buzz exercises.

Our buzzing tool improves the function of the lips and provides the muscles involved in producing the sound with the necessary activity. Such a training device develops the embouchure form and support, so it makes it easier for you to create the needed compression to produce the sound.

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