Trumpet KANSTUL Zeus Customized by KGUbrass

$1,990.00 $2,149.00

Trumpet KANSTUL Zeus
Great Condition! Customized by KGUbrass!

Unique finish - Raw Brass/Satin Brass Waxing
KGUbrass Trim Kit:
Bottom Valve caps - Heavy Goldplate Radiator
Top Valve caps - Heavy dark silver brushed
Finger Bottoms - Goldplate with stones

KGUbrass Custom Heavy Rings
KGUbrass Mouthpiece Booster Cone silver brushed

Manufacturer: Kanstul
Model: ZEUS
SN: 27063

Mouthpiece, MG leather work leather double pouch for two mouthpieces, and New High quality leather trumpet gig bag MG leather work.

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