Trumpet HEAVY Trim kit Any Finishes / No stones (Valve Stem GIFT)

$135.00 $184.00

Product Description (Trumpet HEAVY Trim kit Raw Brass) only for Yamaha, Bach, Carol Brass

Are you looking for a new effective accessory that can improve flexibility, attacks, and stability at each dynamic level while playing the trumpet? We offer you the unique and well-made Custom Trumpet Trim Kit. It is a real must-have for everybody who wants to take his sound up to a new level for a comparatively reasonable price. 

This Trumpet Trim Kit reduces the energy loss in the standing wave and due to that peculiarity several important features are instantly improved – response, dynamic, tone, and endurance. This accessory is a real helper for everybody who wants to improve the efficiency of an instrument and make a tone a bit warmer at the same time. You can jump with octaves even better and, by the way, Trumpet Trim Kit looks very impressive due to the classic restrained design. Now you have a real chance to advance the way your horn used to sound by adding perfect precision to the whole dynamic spectrums of your instrument.

Product Description (Valve Stem)

Our trumpet brass valve stems are an excellent replacement for standard aluminum stems, due to several reasons:

1) They remain beautiful, strong, and easily removable even being influenced by extreme conditions, such as moisture, saliva, alcohol

2) They are a much better choice for trumpet players on cruise ships, where their instrument and its parts are influenced by sea moisture and sea salt

3) Even being used on a daily basis they don't get spoiled or destroyed because of the rotting

Made of brass, the most commonly used material for brass instruments, our valve stems provide a better resonance which improves the sound in an excellent way. The aluminum stems hardly can provide the same result, although they are lightweight and made with attention to quality. Despite all those advantages, the aluminum stems are exposed to corrosion, oxidation, and rotting, so sooner or later you’ll have to think about their replacement for the new ones. Unlike aluminum ones, the trumpet brass valve stems serve for a long time, even being actively used and influenced by saliva, moisture, sea air, or alcohol. That’s definitely a better investment.

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