Trumpet GETZEN Custom 3050 Customized by KGUmusic

For sale:
Trumpet GETZEN Custom 3050

Used, Very Good Condition!
Customized by KGUmusic!

The horn comes in Very Good condition, and at the same time has repairs on the bell and minor scuffs.

Unique finish - Raw Brass
KGUmusic HEAVY Silver Trim Kit:
Bottom Valve caps - Custom Special
Top Valve caps - Custom Special
Finger Bottoms - Custom Special
Custom finger Rings
KGUmusic Mouthpiece Booster Classic

Manufacturer: GETZEN
Made in USA
Model: Custom 3050
SN: G17988
Key: Bb
Bell Material: Piece Yellow Brass
Bell Diameter: 127mm (5")
Bore Size: .459"
Finish: Raw Brass

That was just inspected and cleaned by a pro technician.
It is found to be 100% working & playing well without any issues!
All the slides and valves move freely.

Included: trumpet, mouthpiece, booster, original case
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