Trumpet Bach Stradivarius 37 Customized by KGUbrass


For Sale Trumpet Bach Stradivarius 180-37
Made in USA

Good Condition! Customized and restyled by KGUbrass!

SN: 504347
.459" Medium-large bore
Standard weight body
Standard weight yellow brass one-piece
Hand-hammered #37 bell
Standard construction #25 mouthpipe
Monel pistons

Unique finish: Raw Brass/Satin Brass Waxing
KGUbrass Trim Kit MEDIUM 998 Silver plated

Additionally: Bach 7C mouthpiece, KGUBrass CLASSIC Booster, Original case, Discount on next order at KGUBrass.

That was just inspected and cleaned by a pro technician.
It is found to be 100% working & playing well without any issues!
All the slides and valves move freely.
The horn comes in Good condition; Have Awesome sound!

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