TRUMPET BACH STRADIVARIUS 180ML 37* #254894 lightweight horn

$1,899.00 $1,998.00

We are glad to present you professional vintage BACH STRADIVARIUS, made in USA. 

Upgraded and restyled by KGUBrass workshop.

Trumpet: BACH STRADIVARIUS  37* lightwait Bell

Year of customization: 2019

Serial #: 254894

Bore:  ML

Finish: KGUBrass  Vintage Waxing

Valves: Excellent condition

Trim kit: KGUBrass HEAVY Raw Brass

Finger rings: Bronze Custom KGUBrass

Mouthpiece: Included with KGUBrass CLASSIC  booster

Accessories:  KGUBrass Leather Valve Guard, Notepad and other


Ships in original vintage Bach trumpet case.

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