Stomvi USA Bb trumpet precursor to the Stomvi S3 model Cusomized by KGUbrass!

$2,190.00 $2,290.00
Stomvi USA Bb trumpet
This model is precursor to the Stomvi S3 model

Wonderful playing trumpet!
Assembled in the USA by Stomvi USA from Stomvi parts Spain
(Parts were manufactured in Spain and then assembled at the Stomvi USA plant in California)

The last of these models were made about 2008 by Stomvi USA.
The 27 bell might be compared with a Bach Stradivarius 72 a large bell with easy blowing.
It's great powerful sound even in upper range which is important for the lead instrument!

Used, Very Good Condition!
Customized by KGUbrass!

Unique finish - Satin Raw Brass, matt lacquer
KGUbrass Trim Kit:
Bottom Valve caps - Heavy
Top Valve caps - Heavy
Finger Bottoms - Heavy
KGUbrass Heavy Rings
Saturn type Water keys

Made in USA/Spain
Model: Bb trumpet
SN: 42676
Key: Bb
Bell Material: Yellow Brass
Bell: 27 (5")
Bore: ML
Finish: Satin Raw Brass, matt lacquer

That was just inspected and cleaned by a pro technician.
It is found to be 100% working & playing well without any issues!
Compression is Excellent!
All the slides and valves move freely.

Included: used soft case Gard, mouthpiece, trumpet.

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