Saxophone Alto CONN 6M Naked Lady

We are glad to present:
Saxophone Alto CONN 6M Naked Lady

We believe that this is 1950 (serial number 340XXX), the alto is in good playable condition, does not require investment, has only very minor damage on neck that does not affect on playing in any way (see photo).
The original laquer, engraving looks well, an early horn with straight holes and tuner on the neck, plays like all conn instruments with a wide warm jazz sound.
This instrument has been play tested and serviced by a professional repair technician.
There is a case and no mouthpiece.
Feels free - ask questions, I will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Made in USA
Brand: CONN
Serial Number: 340xxx

Key: Es
Skill level: Professional
Body Material: yellow brass gold lacquered
Key Material: yellow brass gold lacquered
Pads: Leather in great condition!
Engraving: Yes
Condition: Used

Includes: Case, Sax, mouthpiece, ligature.
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