RARE Getzen GENESIS 3003 Rick Braun Signature GOLDPLATED

$2,199.00 $2,650.00

GENESIS 3003 Rick Braun GOLDPLATED used in good condition

Serial #G00062

Limited version of the 3003 model with RICK BRAUN's autograph Example # 27 ORIGINAL GOLD finish Original case with lock code Additional `O` leadpipe Large Bore

The 3003 Genesis is built around a solid design that produces a very powerful, round tone. Heavy bracing, an ovate tuning slide crook, a .462 "valve set, and a large throat bell all combine to make it perform evenly and responsively throughout the entire register while maintaining a free and open feel. In addition to those great features, the Genesis includes our ground breaking Interchangeable Leadpipe System (ILS). The ILS allows players the ability to switch between a Standard or Open leadpipe depending on their specific needs - in essence, giving players the ability to have two trumpets in one. All combined, these great features make the 3003 one of the most versatile trumpets available.

Bore Size:
Hand lapped yellow brass
Ovate crook tuning slide
Interchangeable leadpipe system with 2 leadpipes
(S = Standard; O = Open)
5 1/8" flare, hand hammered, one piece, yellow brass with large throat
Intonation Aids:
First slide saddle, third slide ring

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