Cornet Yamaha YCR 4330G Customized and restyled by KGUBrass


Hot styled and upgraded intermediate Yamaha cornet. Made with attention to details in 4 colored finish and KGUBrass custom kit with Medium tops and HEAVY bottoms brings pure aesthetic and playing satisfaction.


Cornet: Yamaha YCR 4330G

Year of customization: 2019

Serial #: 401664


Bell rim - Rose Gold Lacquered 

Bell body and lead pipe - Vintage Patina Lacquered

Valve Section - Satin Brass Lacquered

Trim kit, hooks and finger rim - 998 Brushed Silver plated

Valves: Excellent condition

Trim kit: KGUBrass MEDIUM Buttons + top caps, HEAVY Bottom caps

Mouthpiece: Laskey and Courtois

Case: Original Yamaha Cornet case


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