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Trumpet Single Gig Bag Crazy Horse Leather (Trumpet Mouthpiece Pouch + Trumpet Valve Guard GIFT)

$260.00 $348.00

Product Description (Trumpet Single Gig Bag)

The Trumpet Single Gig Bag is made of premium Crazy Horse leather, making it a luxurious yet durable and long-lasting product. It is designed to be portable and practical, with a comfortable curved handle and an additional strap for the bag to be carried like a backpack. The bag is also equipped with high-quality YKK zippers and straps to provide you with the best experience. Furthermore, this distinguished model of the Compact product line also has a side pocket for keeping small accessories such as keys and mobile devices. All in all, the Trumpet Single Gig Bag is perfect for busy life in big cities; combining luxury design with a smooth texture, comfort, and practicality.

Product Description (The Trumpet Valve Guard L)

The Trumpet Valve Guard L is a classy addition to your trumpet, offering protection on all types of finishes including lacquer, raw brass, and silver. It is important to remember to remove the valve guard after practices and gigs to ensure your trumpet can breathe, as well as let it get dry to avoid oxidation of the surface. The long-lasting genuine leather is estimated to last between 5-10 years; however, it should be regularly replaced when worn out, as this will ensure that it continues to perform its function adequately.

Product Description (Trumpet Mouthpiece Single Pouch)

This high-quality trumpet mouthpiece pouch with button stud closure is made of genuine leather with attention to the smallest details. Designed in vintage style, this handmade mouthpiece protection case will satisfy the needs of modern trumpeters who pay attention to aesthetic qualities.
The MG Leather Work pouch can keep your mouthpiece safe from scratches during transportation. The mild material from the inner side absorbs the moisture, protecting the finish of the mouthpiece.
The case comes with a belt loop, aimed at providing more convenience. Thanks to it, you can easily attach the mouthpiece pouch to the belt.
We’re ready to make your leather pouch for the trumpet mouthpiece more personalized by customizing it with embossed initials.


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