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Trumpet Double/Triple gig bag Crazy Horse Leather (Double mouthpiece pouch + Plunger Mute + XL Valve Guard GIFT)

$350.00 $504.00

Product Description (Trumpet Double/Triple Gig Bag)

Our double trumpet/flugelhorn gig bag is constructed from high-quality, long-lasting genuine leather in attractive black and brown colors and textures for a comfortable playing experience. It features reliable black nickel accessories, a carry handle, and a shoulder strap with a leather pad. The exterior is further reinforced with rivets and metal legs, making it both attractive and sturdy. Whether you're looking for a smooth black or full-grain brown leather finish, our Trumpet gig bag offers the perfect solution.

Product Description (Double mouthpiece pouch)

This high-quality trumpet mouthpiece pouch with button stud closure is made of genuine leather with attention to the smallest details. Designed in vintage style, this handmade mouthpiece protection case will satisfy the needs of modern trumpeters who pay attention to aesthetic qualities.
The MG Leather Work pouch can keep your mouthpiece safe from scratches during transportation. The mild material from the inner side absorbs the moisture, protecting the finish of the mouthpiece.
The case comes with a belt loop, aimed at providing more convenience. Thanks to it, you can easily attach the mouthpiece pouch to the belt.
We’re ready to make your leather pouch for the trumpet mouthpiece more personalized by customizing it with embossed initials.

Product Description (Plunger mute)

Our leather plunger mute is designed to provide the optimal combination of convenience and performance. It is made of genuine leather, making it not only compact, lightweight, and unbreakable but also providing an accurate and sharp sound. Moreover, it also includes an elastic and a built-in magnet for better fixing on the hand and for easy placing on the music stand. This excellent accessory helps make your performance more vivid and interesting, improving your playing experience.

Product Description (Trumpet XL Valve Guard)

The Trumpet Valve Guard XL is the perfect accessory for your trumpet, ensuring maximum protection and security for your instrument. It is equipped with petals to cover all parts prone to rubbing and sweat, as well as the lead pipe when held with the left hand. Crafted from Italian leather, it is mild, attractive, and nice to touch, providing a comfortable grip with its thin material. Furthermore, it is easy to put on due to the Velcro and comes in a variety of colors.


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