Classic Trumpet Mouthpiece Booster Raw Brass (T.A.F. GIFT)

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Product Description ( Classic mouthpiece booster Raw Brass)

CLASSIC Trumpet mouthpiece booster is the golden mean in terms of weight, geometry, and design which allows gaining characteristics of MEGATONE with a favorite standard mouthpiece. This booster meets the expectations both of skilled trumpet performers who would like to emphasize their individual style and players who only take first steps in music. Best-selling booster. 

Compatible with the most popular standard mouthpiece models. (Bach, Yamaha, Schilke, Getzen, etc.)


(!)Do not match Heavy/Megatone mouthpieces

*mouthpiece not included


  •  KGUmusic Сustom Trumpet Mouthpiece Booster
  •  Easy to install on all the mouthpieces of classic design   
  •  High-quality products and materials  

Product Description (T.A.F.)

We’re happy to present the specially designed adaptor from KGUmusic which enables a flugelhorn mouthpiece to perfectly fit the trumpet. As you know, the visual difference between the trumpet and the flugelhorn has a direct impact on how these instruments sound. The trumpet sounds more vivid and sharp, while the flugelhorn produces a mellower and warmer sound. The trumpet mouthpiece is longer and is characterized by the shallow cup, which results in brighter and higher notes. The flugelhorn mouthpiece has a deeper V-shaped cup and that’s what makes this instrument sound warm with easy and clear low notes.

The KGUBrass flugelhorn mouthpiece adaptor compensates for the difference between the flugelhorn and the trumpet mouthpiece by adding some length. Thus, your trumpet acquires a mellower sound without distorting the register. It means, you don’t need to switch between two instruments anymore. Especially, if you have to perform some lyrical pieces with a deep sound, but you want your case to fit the minimum carry-on baggage dimensions. Or if you’re not planning to take many things with you. It’s much easier to take a mouthpiece adaptor for trumpet rather than carry an additional instrument. Take the adaptor from your mouthpiece pouch and place it on the instrument. Done, you’re a halfway to a warmer and richer flugelhorn sound without any mess.

Of course, you can change the sound, by using a proper breathing, which can be very exhausting. But if your conductor doesn’t insist on using only flugelhorn or maybe you need your flugelhorn just for three bars, it’s more convenient to take the adaptor than carrying two instruments with you. You can also use the adaptor for a flugelhorn sound, depending on your personal vision as a musician, for instance, if you feel that some parts of the musical piece would sound better if you could change the timbre. The adaptor can be used by either a single musician or a group of performers altogether.

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