Andy Taylor Flugel horn Phat Boy, Open box, demo store instrument!

Andy Taylor Flugel horn Phat Boy

Open box, demo store horn!
Wonderful playing instrument!

The Phat Boy flugel started life as a design exercise we made around 2003. It was certainly an attention grabber, not just because it looked so cool but because it proved the point that having a different visual profile did not affect the playability at all. In fact it played remarkably well. So well that it started to gain a reputation as being possibly the best playing flugel horn on the market. More development over the years and it is now regarded by many as ‘the’ best flugel horn of the modern era.

It is not as big as a lot of modern flugels, which tend to have a more raspy trombone type sound. With its more compact bell taper design the Phat Boy manages to combine that classic old school intimate creamy flugel tone with a very usable dynamic range making it perfectly at home in any setting. Very flexible, responsive and just a joy to play, it is guaranteed envy from your mates when they see it and then hear it.

That was just inspected and cleaned by a pro technician.
It is found to be 100% working & playing excellent without any issues!

Included: NEW genuine hight-quality leather gig bag by MG Leather Work, mouthpiece, flugel horn.
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