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We’re doing our best to create the best high-quality products, which help you to reach new heights in playing music. 

We’re happy to know that you like what we do. That means we are moving in the right direction.  

And the number of purchase orders received on the first day proved that. The first day of Halloween appeared to be very productive. 

Every hour the number of goods, which you can buy at a discount, is getting smaller.  Every hour the KGUBrass is getting bigger, we are making new friends, more and more people trust us. 


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Also, we’d like to answer some questions, asked by followers. We think, it’ll be interesting for you to read them.

- "To what countries do you deliver the goods"? 
We deliver the goods worldwide. So, don’t worry. Your package will come safe to you. 

- "How long does it take to deliver the goods"? 
The delivery time depends on the chosen method of delivery and it ranges from 3 to 24 days. Please note, you get a FREE DELIVERY, when your order costs 38$ and more. 

- "I’ve already bought one discounted good. Can I buy another one"? 
Yes, you can order as many discounted goods as you want. And you’ll get the discount for each of them. 
Please let us know in the comments that it’s your second order and we’ll unite your both orders in one for a faster delivery. 

Be sure we provide a 100% guarantee that accessories will fit your instruments. 

We hope, it was a useful information and now you know about how we work a bit more. 

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Haven’t still placed an order?  

Now it’s the time to do it! 



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